The white coats make them so trustworthy… Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

Every year, I have the tradition of hitting the suburban shopping centres for the Post Christmas Sales. My love of these sales has its foundations from a Christmas that I spent in the UK. If you were to ever be in the UK on Boxing Day, and wondered whether you should hit the shops… You really should – there is no point in being there otherwise. My love of these sales don’t extend to going to the city stores – it is restricted to suburbia. I want to be dropped off at 8am, I want to be picked up once I have exhausted every store.

Post Christmas 2013, I hit my local stores with my best friend, MO. She has never been with me before, as her otherwise great shopping love doesn’t really extend to post Christmas (I guess she’s never experienced UK Post Christmas Sales), but 2013 was the year she was meant to join me! My second suburban hit was SIL #2’s local shopping centre, many days after boxing day. I had been dreaming about going to Kiehl’s, which is far too nice a store for my local shopping centre.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream

On this wonderful day, this cream entered my life. SIL #2 was interested in the lip conditioner that Kiehl’s had to offer, and I just loved the idea of getting a retail hit. How lucky for me that they had an extremely reasonably priced Christmas gift pack marked down – $42 for a 50mL cream, a hand cream and lip conditioner. Didn’t have to think about it too much – plus, the sales assistants were wearing white coats – I felt the pressure to make a purchase.

This cream has been a wonderful addition to my skincare regime. I wouldn’t say it was amazing, or life changing, or magical – but it’s an extremely solid performer. It blends beautifully, and for once, a product that claims you only need a small pea-sized amount, actually only needs a small pea-sized amount! I cannot tolerate moisturisers that leave any oily residue – this leaves nil residue. Blends into the skin, and I like to believe it softens my skin. Makeup kind of glides on after applying this – which obviously convinces me that my makeup looks 10x better (unlikely).

It does have it’s negatives, but they are very few – in fact, only one. As it is currently summer in Australia, I am attempting to be vigilant with sun exposure, and subsequent SPF coverage – this moisturiser has none. So I am still applying an SPF moisturiser (QV Face Moisturiser which I will review at a later date) underneath, then applying this cream.

Would I buy it again? Definitely. For the record, the RRP is $34AUD.
Who would I recommend it to? It claims to be suitable for all skin types, and with my minimal dermatology knowledge and training, I want to agree with the advertising – it seems to be inoffensive to most skin types.
Value for money? I’m not exactly a big spender – I don’t have a lot of >$20 moisturisers to compare, but I think it is definitely an affordable re-purchase. I wonder how it will fare in winter?
How can you get it? I got mine at the Kiehl’s Store at Chatswood Chase, but it can be ordered online (free delivery for >$50 purchases).

The packaging is so minimalist and medicinal – designed for me, really.

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