What of it?

Let me introduce myself… I am a 20-something female, living in Sydney, Australia. One of my most feared questions is “what are your hobbies?” – I think saying ‘shopping’ and ‘browsing the internet’ make me sound very dumb. However, truth be told, these are my greatest hobbies, and it’s been my dream for a while now to start a blog. I’ve trialled a few others, but have struggled to come up with a topic that keeps me interested, let alone other readers.

The common denominator in my above-mentioned hobbies is this – I love beauty products.  I love to browse them in the shops, I love to touch them, I love to think about buying them, I love to actually buy them, I love to read reviews on them pre and post-purchase, and then I love to talk about them with my friends. I just love products so much. I read and comment on other blogs, but I’ve always found something frustrating as an Australian reader. Loving products is a lot tougher on the wallet here than it is on my Northern Hemisphere friends. We don’t have access to Sephora where we can sample everything before committing, we don’t have crazy drugstore prices in addition to coupons, and we need a lot of SPF!

So… think of me as a long-time listener, first time caller in the blogging world. It’s time for me to combine my linguistic interests with my love of beauty!

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