An evil Sephora purchase… Smashbox Masterclass 2 Palette

I have to start this entry by apologising for a Sephora product – this means it is likely to be a product that we pay 10x more for in Australia, and will quite likely be impossible to get. But I can’t resist – it is a palette that I really enjoy – second to my Urban Decay Naked palette – but a review on that for my current readership would be like preaching to the converted.

So, as I have clearly mentioned, this palette is a Sephora purchase from a US trip in 2013. I umm-ed and aah-ed over this palette, and finally succumbed to it on one of my final Sephora visits before returning home.

An excellent decision…

smashbox_masterclass2This palette was essentially designed for me and the colours I enjoy and suit my skin tone. There is a huge range of neutral shades (why did they bother putting in that topaz blue shade??), and unlike my beloved Naked palette, it has a huge range of matte shadows. 28 shadows, 4 liners, 6 blushes, and 2 highlighters. The total package, really.

The pigment quality is excellent. The value for money is excellent ($59USD). The design is practical enough, but nothing beautiful – it has a shiny silver cover, it essentially looks like a small book. It has these two plastic covers for each side of the palette to stop the spread of powder, with the names printed on these covers. The names are what make the covers tacky for me. I haven’t given the liners much time or effort, I trialled it recently for a look I want to use for a 20’s themed party next week – they went on well, but the test is if they wear well for an event. The highlighters don’t do anything for me, as I have a gorgeous MAC one I use regularly – however I recently gave them a go, and they are as nice as the range of shadows – go on well, stay on well, and highly pigmented.

Would I buy it again? Quite possibly – it would really depend on what I was in the market for – it’s not exciting enough to repurchase for myself, but I would probably buy it as a gift. Who would I recommend it to? Anyone looking for a palette that has it all – it would be great for a traveller like me, who isn’t content with taking a few shadows only, but also wants to maximise space to buy more products.
Value for money? Without a doubt.
How can I get it? I cannot source it in Aus, apart from Ebay, which lists it as $99USD for the product and $72AUD for postage – errr, it’s not worth that. But if you have a kind friend going to the US, who asks you if you have any products you want, and is willing to bring a palette – this is a solid performer.
Con: The only con of the palette is it’s guide – it has three looks that it details, that actually are quite gorgeous – but they use a grand total of around 10 shadows – what do you expect me to do with the other 18 Smashbox? Why won’t you guide me?

Until next time, reader…

3 thoughts on “An evil Sephora purchase… Smashbox Masterclass 2 Palette

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