Not the most flattering name… Clinique Chubby Stick

As the title suggests, the product name isn’t the most attractive nor flattering. But the product? Well, this wouldn’t be a blog entry by me, if it didn’t involve a lengthy back story.

My best friend, MO, has been a long time supporter and lover of all things Clinique. I’ve always personally found it too white for me – light foundation shades, light blusher shades, light lip colours, etc. I’ve always perceived it as a brand for blondes who want to amp things up with brown feature makeup.

Oh, how wrong I was! I can’t comment on the foundation shades, or blusher shades, as I’m still a newbie to Clinique, but I can comment on their lip colours. Specifically, I can comment on the Chubby Stick. I bought this off the back of MO’s recommendation, and for $USD15, it was a reasonably priced risk.

ARGH. I love this product. You won’t see me rave about lip products on this blog a lot (I’ll explain some other time), but wow, I love this balm.


It is marketed as a balm, which is right up my alley for daily use. My daily work makeup doesn’t often include a lipstick, but I’m always interested in a balm. I’ve left my Lip Smackers days behind me, and have never really been interested in tinted balms since. For daily use, this is ideal. Lightly tinted, non-drying, non-sticky formula and a range of colours makes this easy to enjoy. My shade of choice is “Mega Melon” which looks like nothing on the packaging, but looks so good once it’s on. Clinique, I apologise for being so racist towards you for so long.

mega melon

Would I buy it again? Without a doubt.
Who would I recommend it to? People who love lip colour, but can’t commit to the maintenance of a lipstick for the day.
Is it value for money? I’ve used mine endlessly for the past 6 months, and it’s still going. Definitely worth the price.
How can you get it? Clinique counters in Myer department stores, $AUD35.

8 thoughts on “Not the most flattering name… Clinique Chubby Stick

  1. I heart this too. Duty free you can get three of the little babies in a “travel pack” for about $40 from memory, but you don’t get to choose the colors.

    • They did a little Xmas gift pack that was similar, but I think more than $40, similar issue of limited choices/control. What’s your colour of choice Anita?

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