Who knew oil would clean so well?

Dermalogica is a much loved brand of my skincare loving friends. Back in my money-poor, time-rich days of university, essentially all my local-living girlfriends and I went to the same skincare salon. Of course, being money-poor and time-rich, meant that I looked at products regularly, but rarely purchased. Dermalogica was one of their much-loved range of products, but I never got the fuss. Why would I pay $50 for a facial wash that removes my makeup, when I can buy one at Coles for $9?

Fast forward a few years, and now I’m slightly more money-rich, and increasingly time-poor, which hasn’t impacted how much I browse products. My beauty therapist left that salon, I was lost for a while, and then she was found. Like a line of ants heading towards a picnic basket, a number of my friends and I returned to her. And she was still lovin’ Dermalogica. One of the greatest things I managed to add to my skincare routine after entering gainful employment, were regular facials. I did also increase my spending habits, especially for products I was placing against my skinSomething that came up during a facial once was the Dermalogica PreCleanse.


OK, I GET IT NOW. I get why people are crazy lovers of Dermalogica. This one product changed my view of the entire brand. The packaging is nothing, it matches the uniform look of all Dermalogica products, but oh dear, the product inside is amazing. Essentially, it is an oil that you apply to dry skin, massage into the skin, and it removes all your day’s muck. Now, I’ve been dying to review this product because I love it so much. And this is why – it really does get off all of your makeup. Rub longer, and more and more comes off.  And it feels so good! It has this amazing medicinal smell, nothing overly fragrant or fake. Once you’ve removed all that you have the patience for, add water, it becomes a milky liquid and it washes off. No residue, no oily remains. To be honest, my $9 cleanser was getting most of my face makeup off, what tips this over the edge is that it gets all my eye makeup off! So when I move onto an actual cleanser to clean my face, it isn’t still working off the makeup.

Now, before I officially put in all my review information, I want you to know there is no short-cut to this product. I got a clever idea one day, that since it’s basically just an oil (I was terrible at chemistry – in hindsight I realise that how can it just be an oil when it becomes milky when mixed with water?), why don’t I get some other oil and try to see if it works the same magic, at a fraction of the cost?

It does not.

I decided to use an after-wax oil (because I’m not stupid, I’m going to use an oil I got from a skincare salon, not olive oil) – OH DEAR. Needless to say, I came to appreciate the step that Dermalogica lovingly refers to as “milky emulsion”. I ended up using a plethora of products to get the oil off my face, and then additional products to get my makeup off, and then increased my prayers that my skin wouldn’t explode overnight from that hideous oil. So… do not use an alternative oil-like product. And definitely not oil.

Would I buy it again? I’m already on my second bottle, I love this stuff. I started using the product about 18 months ago, so you get plenty out of it.
Who would I recommend it to? Anyone who isn’t interested in using multiple products to remove makeup; anyone sick of using their cleanser multiple times to remove makeup, and then actually clean; anyone who loves medicinal-smelling products, like me.
Is it value for money? Yes. And I can finally be a pretentious Dermalogica lover.
How can you get it? Any salon that stocks Dermalogica. RRP $51.00. I never buy RRP for anything, so I’m buying mine online at http://www.skincarestore.com.au, they regularly do 20/25/30% off products.

The only real con (beside the con that this product convinced me to apply oil to my face) is that you have to be careful to have dry skin when applying this – and careless me, I often get into the shower, wet hands, and then realise that I’m doomed and cannot use PreCleanse at that time.

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