Bad Gal…

A reader has requested that I review something that I don’t love, which is a challenge I accept. I had started planning and dreaming of all the blog entries about all the products I love, so to think of a product I do not currently care for involved some deep thought. Then my mind fell to the brand Benefit, and my limited exposure to it. As a rule, I can’t stand their packaging, and packaging is what draws me in for the purchase (as well as price and reviews, but initially packaging). Their mascara products however, are marketed quite well, and almost don’t fit with the rest of the brand’s image. So, I decided to give one of their mascaras a chance, specifically the “Bad Gal Lash” mascara.

One word: ordinary. What a nightmare adjective. I can’t even say I hated the product – at least that would give the product the dignity of some passion. But no, I didn’t hate it nor did I love it. I just found it extremely ordinary. It was another acquisition on my US trip, which meant I had limited time and opportunity to research the range of mascaras and make a well-informed choice. My travel partner, SAK, had previously used the “They’re Real” mascara, and she recommended avoiding that item altogether. So, I ended up with Bad Gal.

How disappointing. How very disappointing. What makes it an ordinary mascara is its lack of magic, there is nothing remarkable or worth mentioning about it. The only thing that makes me reach for it at all is the fact that I spent money on it, and it looks like it should do a better job – so I must be doing something wrong, and I need to try it again. But no… it is not my technique, it is not the weather, it is not the moon aligning with the sun impacting it’s ability to make my lashes look impressive. It just isn’t very special.

ImageThe brush looks so luscious, the formula looks so thick, but it is neither of those things. I was hoping for extreme volume and thickness, but it just doesn’t translate from the wand to my eyelashes in this way. I also get a lot of product falling and smudging from this during the day which is extremely unusual for me – I rarely get panda eyes during the day. For the cost of this mascara versus the end result, I just don’t think this will get me back to the Benefit counter.

All in all, I think there are a lot of better products on the market that are more affordable and generally do a better job. Of course, I guess this is what I get for steering away from a Priceline brand, but even I have my Priceline limits.

Would I buy it again? Never. 
Who would I recommend it to? Die-hard Benefit fans, or those just looking for a decent coat of colour and have the money to burn. 
Is it value for money? Definitely not – RRP is $38.00 – plenty of options when spending that amount. 
How can you get it? Benefit counters in Myer stores nationally.

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