A masque to end all masques?

‘Finally!’ scream my hoards of readers. Finally I am reviewing a birthday present product! As I mentioned in a earlier post, my best friend gave me an amazing assortment of products for my birthday last month, under the conditions that they would feature and be reviewed in this blog. Now, this pushes my usual rules, which is to hoard beautiful things and save everything for a special occasion. All but one of the gifts definitely fall into special occasion category, but MO’s directions were very clear – and I can safely assume she did not mean to save it for a special occasion and then review it in 2 years time after a grand total of 10 uses.

So one of the delightful products is from a line that I haven’t used much, but love the idea of – MoroccanOil. I don’t know a thing about the science of this product, I stupidly assume it’s from some precious tree in Morocco, where they have squeezed all the oil out of the leaves, for my hair’s pleasure. I don’t care to correct this ridiculous assumption. In reality, it’s a mass-produced factory-made product packed with chemicals. But what intrigues me is… do these chemicals do anything for my hair?

Firstly, the packaging of this product is delightful – it screams fancy and was such a nice surprise to discover in my birthday gift. I love the colour of the MoroccanOil brand, that beautiful turquoise blue, with a hint of teal. This masque comes in a tub with a screw top lid (250mL). The tub instructions state to apply it to towel-dried hair for 5-7 mins, 1-2 times weekly, and less frequently once hair improves.

I’ve used it for the past 3 weeks, and used it as often as prescribed. I won’t lie, it is a total pain in the butt to use. It may be less annoying if you have a different bathroom set up. I don’t have a hand-held shower head that can be removed, so if I want the shower head, I have to be in the shower. So for me to use this product, I’m getting in the shower, washing my hair, cleansing etc., then getting out, towel drying my hair, applying the masque, waiting 5-7 minutes (this is death!) and then getting back into the shower. Obviously a person with a portable shower head can just lean into the bathtub and rinse the masque out, but alas I do not have this luxury. Having said that, as much as I’ve bitched about it, that process is actually fine (in the warmer months – I dread winter use). The process is actually what makes it kind of luxurious – it can’t be used quickly and hurriedly, you really have to have time to use it, which by default means you will be more relaxed and therefore enjoy it more. Maybe? That seemed to be the case for me anyway.

MoroccanOil Masque

The masque itself is lovely – it is as thick as I would have liked, the smell is nice (though I do know others who don’t care for the smell), and it’s easy to apply the desired amount. It washes out easily and quickly, and leaves no scent afterwards. The actual result afterwards is noticeably smoother hair. I was pretty impressed during the first week of use, my hair is definitely due for a cut, colour and treatment, and this seems to have bought me a bit of extra time. I did notice a lot of hair loss afterwards, but this could be due to the extra man handling of my hair. I lose a lot normally, but there was definitely a noticeable increase.

Overall, it’s a great product. It is quite expensive though, and this would definitely factor into my repurchase decision. I’ve been a long time user of the Pantene 3-minute Miracle Treatment, which is much easier to use in the shower and doesn’t involve as much fuss. I really rate that treatment, which comes with a price tag of $6.99 for 3 tubes. This masque definitely makes for a great gift for a beauty lover, and I will definitely scrape the tub to finish this off.

Would I buy it again? Potentially. It’s pretty expensive ($49.50), and there are definitely cheaper products on the market that do as good a job.
Who would I recommend this to? Anybody needing serious moisture for their hair. It definitely adds a tonne of moisture and gives you very soft locks.
Is it value for money? It does do what it claims, so in that sense, yes. However, there are a lot of other masques and treatments on the market that are worth trialling.
How can you get it? Hairdressing salons, as well as online (www.activeskin.com.au is one supplier).
‘Till next time, reader.

8 thoughts on “A masque to end all masques?

  1. I agree, the concept of MoroccanOil and the packaging had me suckered in! However, its smell and the inconvenience of the screw top tub means I’ve still got half a tub left 18 months later! Much prefer the Bumble & Bumble Creme de Coco Masque-easy to use click top tube, and a divine scent that lingers after rinsing.

    • You’ve made me VERY interested in trying the B&B masque now. B&B really know how to do sensible but cute packaging. I also love all things coconut. Is it coconut or coco?
      The tub is quite a killer, as is the process of applying to towel dried hair.

  2. Do you think the mask would be good for split-ends? As in would it smooth the hair ends to make your hair look more bouncy? Haha 🙂 Great review btw

    • Without being a hair expert, I think it would definitely help with splint ends. However, I think there are some great, cheaper alternatives on the market. Schwarzkopf have a fairly decent splint end serum, which I think does great repair. No bounce though. You’ll get the bounce factor from the masque.
      Thanks for reading, and even more thanks for commenting! 🙂

      • great thanks! I’ll check out the Schwarzkopf range before I look at the Moroccan Oil, but I really want that bounce! love your blog, keep it up :))

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