The long awaited review…. The Clarisonic Mia II

This has probably been my most expensive beauty investment in the past 12 months, and one of my most considered purchases of 2013. This has been marketed in Australia for over a year, and it kind of tickled my fancy, but once I went to the US and kept seeing it in Sephora, I became much more interested in trying it. I almost bought it in the US, but for a very small saving, I figured the hassle of using a converter plug wasn’t worth it. Unfortunately for me, that didn’t mean I bought it upon my return, but instead considered it for another 6 months. Finally in December, I committed to the purchase and bought it from the Clarisonic online store (

I do think it’s still early days, but I’ve had a few friends asking me for my thoughts on the product, so I’ve decided to add it to the blog. Firstly, to give you an idea of my skin type, I’ve got oily combination skin (i.e. minimally combination, mostly oily), with hyper-pigmentation along my cheeks. My pores aren’t a problem area for me, nor are fine lines a focus – my main goal is to improve the hyper-pigmentation scarring. I am a beauty salon enthusiast, and regularly get facials, microdermabrasion and extraction treatments. I’ve experienced a Mia style cleansing brush during treatments before, and loved it. It’s one of those parts of the treatment that I wish could go for 10 minutes – super relaxing, massaging and overall, quite a unique part of the facial.

Now, when I first got it, I was annoyed to discover that it needed a 24 hour charge before first use. I already waited quite a long time for the delivery, so to have to wait again for another day was really disappointing. It also requires 18 hour recharges, which I’ve had to do on average about once a month. I read reviews online with people saying they didn’t have to recharge it for 4-6 weeks with twice daily use, which I’m pretty iffy about – the first month I used it about 18 times before it needed a recharge. It’s not a big deal, but an 18 hour recharge is a bit unexpected. My laptop takes less time to recharge…?

In terms of actually using it – it’s really very simple. It runs for exactly a minute every time – 20 seconds on the chin and nose, 20 seconds on the forehead, 10 seconds per cheek. It buzzes to let you know when to change to the next part of your face. I actually modified my zones to chin & neck, forehead & nose and then each cheek. There are a lot of reviews of this product online, and most of the ones I read mentioned a horrendous breakout for the first fortnight, and then clearer skin. The idea of a hideous breakout for the first fortnight terrified me, so I started with very casual use. I used it every second evening only, and had no initial breakout (phewf). It came with a Clarisonic cleansing gel, but of course you can use any cleanser you like. Again, to minimise the chance of a breakout, I used my Philosophy Purity cleanser, which I find quite gentle. It came with the standard inclusion of the sensitive brush head, which I think will be my next brush head purchase (the brush heads need to be replaced every 3 months, just like a toothbrush).

Two months on, and I’m pretty pleased with the results. I generally use it once a day, in the evenings, and am still using it with the Purity cleanser. I’ve used the Clarisonic gel as well, which was fine, just a bit too foaming for my liking (it keeps bubbling up around my nose and mouth, and I feel like I have to hold my breath!). What I perceive as the outcomes of using the Mia are obviously all subjective – I didn’t take before and after shots, I didn’t keep any form of clear records; it’s all my perception and opinion. Overall, I feel like my skin is visibly smoother, my pores are definitely more refined (adding to the smoothness), and I do think I’ve seen some improvement in my hyper-pigmentation. Part of the Mia marketing is that it promotes better cleansing, which results in better uptake of treatment products, so this may be how it has helped with reducing pigmentation. I love using the thing, it feels like such a salon experience, and it has become a solid part of my evening skincare routine.

Would I buy it again? Hopefully I’ll never need to replace it!
Who would I recommend it to? People looking to really up their skincare routine, or for those who have really fancy skincare products already, and want to increase their effectiveness.
Is it value for money? I do wish it was cheaper, just to make it more accessible. I feel like it does a lot of what it claims, so have to give it credit for that. The corresponding price-tag is $175.00.
How can you get it? Myer, David Jones, Skincare Store and Clarisonic. [Disclaimer: There are a  lot of online stores stocking this product, I’ve named the two that I trust and recommend from personal experience.]


7 thoughts on “The long awaited review…. The Clarisonic Mia II

  1. I purchased the Mia2 back in August last year. It’s sadly sitting in my bathroom drawer unused. Used it for about a month when I first got it but broke me out like crazy. Left it for a bit and my skin cleared up. Obviously wanted to try it again, so i used it for a further month but same thing. I really want to try it again (my skin is looking a bit bumpy) maybe I should give it 2 months minimum. Great post! Ps. was also disappointed with the initial charge haha

    • Where did you buy it from? It’s too late now, but the Clarisonic website offers a 90 day returns policy if you’re not happy with it. Your option is to persevere with it! Or gift it to a worthy friend!
      I was really nervous about the break, which is why I was SO careful with it’s early use – every second day, sometimes every third, just to give myself some adjustment time. And I used the gentlest cleanser I had at that time. Have you got very sensitive skin? I’m a fan of the QV range (it’s one of the only skincare products us Aussies can brag about), their cleanser is super gentle – that might be worth a shot, along with very scarce use?
      Thank you for reading AND commenting! 🙂

      • I got mine from David Jones.
        That’s what I think I’ll do- slowly bring it back into my routine and see how I go. I want to love it so bad!
        I’ll definitely look at the QV range as well thanks x

  2. Your data collection is poor, but everything else is great! I’ve wanted one for so long – but scared I’ll get “the purge”.

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