Mascara Wars: Rimmel vs. Loreal

Although I love eye makeup and eye products, I’ve never been very fussy with mascaras. I have never been committed to one type or brand, and am constantly trying out new ones. Rimmel is a brand I return to time and time again, simply due to the cost and variety they offer. The time frame for mascara use is only 3 months, and although I’m not that rigid about it, I do generally use a decent mascara endlessly for 3 months, and retire it fairly soon after the 3 month mark.

In recent months, I’ve trialled these two mascaras, as I embark on a hunt for a decently priced mascara. 3 months is not a long time to get bang for your buck, so I think mascara is worth saving your money on, unless you are a very dedicated one-mascara user, which unfortunately does not describe me. In the higher end brands, I think there is a range of great mascaras, my personal favourites being Lancome Hypnose and Christian Dior’s Dior Show (I mention these two from experience – there are many I’ve yet to try). The great thing when trialling a mascara is that you can tell very quickly if it’s any good; of course this is also a negative, because if you have a dud, you’ll know very quickly, and have early days buyer’s remorse.

ImageMoving along, the two mascaras I tried were Rimmel’s Lash Accelerator Endless, and Loreal’s False Lash Telescopic. I’ve only had the Loreal one for about 2 weeks, but remember what I said about early indicators? The same, unfortunately, goes for the Lash Accelerator.

Loreal’s Falsh Lash Telescopic won this round, hands down. It is a great day time mascara! I personally don’t think it does enough to my eyelashes for a heavy eye look, but for a decent coat for a day of work or leisure, it’s a great choice. Coats the lashes perfectly, adds a decent amount of length, and the pièce de résistance – no clumping or flaking! At the end of the day, the mascara is where you put it at the start of the day. I have suffered a lot from flaking recently, so much so that I had decided it was my eyelashes and under eyes that was causing this; no no, it was the mascara.

Rimmel’s Lash Accelerator Endless did all the stuff I mentioned above, in reverse. It clumped, it flaked, it didn’t add any length or volume, and needed heavy handling to actually coat the lashes. What I found most surprising was that it somehow managed to make my eyelashes look thinner and spidery, which is hardly the look I wanted. I actually quite liked the packaging despite how ordinary it looks in the photo – I thought it was a nice change to the usual fat tube marketed by Rimmel.

Loreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara
Would I buy it again? Sure thing – but not anytime soon, as I am going to continue my mascara hunt.
Who would I recommend this to? Anybody starting to doubt their eyelash or under eye condition; anyone in the market for a decent lengthening mascara.
Is it value for money? I got it on special from Priceline for $18, which was well worth it.
How can you get it? Any self-respecting Loreal counter will stock this cult-ish item.

As always, thank you for reading. I’m looking for some blog inspiration, so please comment below if there is anything you’d like me to write about, or a product line which makes you curious. 

10 thoughts on “Mascara Wars: Rimmel vs. Loreal

  1. Try Max Factor’s 2000 Calories next. Great everyday results, similar to what you have found with your L’oreal Falsh Lash Telescopic.

  2. L’Oreal double extend for me. Worth the pain of priming to have literally un-smudgeable mascara. EVERYTHING smudges when you wear glasses AAAAANNNDD I particularly love the feeling of pulling off all my eyelash tubes in the shower 🙂

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