So shiny and beautiful… Gold.

GOLDAnybody who knows me and my makeup loves, will know that I’m a big lover of gold, and gold toned products. I love doing a gold eye, and think it provides plenty of variety and different looks. One of the first makeup items I remember buying for my own personal collection was a killer shade of gold – single pot design, Face of Australia, $2 from Priceline. My mum was with me and approved of the purchase – perhaps this approval started my love for gold eyeshadows? Who knows.

That single pot of gold eyeshadow got me through my glory years of high school and probably fed my addiction to eyeshadows on an everyday basis. While all the other girls were lining their water lines and lash lines in the school toilets, I was coming from home with this undetectable shade of gold with some light mascara. To this day, I wear eyeshadow on a daily basis, and love playing around with different looks and shades… But I can’t get away from gold. I’ve thought for a long time that I was set in the gold department – Urban Decay Naked palettes, a Napolean Perdis gold quad, a Clinique quad, some single pots… But I can never get enough.

In my Priceline haul a fortnight ago, I had the pleasure of finding a new gold shadow worth trialling. Bourjois Colour Edition 24H Cream-To-Shadow is, as it claims, a cream to powder shadow. It’s currently available in 3 shades (a tea pink shade, this gold shade ‘Petale de glace’ and a navy shade), however my international research tells me some more colours may hit our shores later this year (and unlike the Maybelline Colour Tattoo, there will be no hideous bright teal and other unusable inclusions). The texture in the pan is quite firm, which meant I had to do some firm packing of the shadow onto my eyelid, but the colour result is pretty good. Definitely needs to be paired with a primer to ensure no creasing.

This product was a worthy addition to my gold collection. Goes on so smoothly, with just the right level of shimmer. I’m not into super glittery eyeshadows or any look described as “dewy” “glowing” or with a “hint of shine” – I want a highlight, but not all of tha’ lights. This gives the right amount, and it is really easy to work with. I’ve got a handful of paint pots by MAC, which are obviously amazing, but require a lot of effort to be used well – I’m pretty good with approaching morning makeup, I love to experiment with looks, but I’ll never reach for a paint pot midweek – that’s definitely a weekend product. The Bourjois 24H shadow is a worthy entrant to the midweek cream eyeshadow. It definitely has the finish of a powder shadow which suits my oily eyelids just fine!
Next Bourjois sale, the navy shadow will be mine.

Would I buy it again? There is plenty of product, so I won’t need anymore for a long time – but I would definitely buy this particular line of shadows in the navy shade next.
Who would I recommend this to? Lovers of cream shadows who simultaneously are oily skin sufferers – the powder finish helps keep any creasing to a minimum.
Is it value for money? RRP is $22.00, which is a bit steep. But think of it like this – Chanel and Bourjois are owned by the same company. So it’s a great price for a Chanel associated brand (I know, I’m clutching at straws). I bought it from Priceline at the 40% off cosmetics sale, so got it for $13.20.
How can you get it? Your local Priceline store if it stocks Bourjois. Otherwise, you may be able to snag this product on Asos.

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