Sunday Night Pamper (March)

Anybody who knows me well, knows I love a good pamper night. A pamper night is my version of an “I can’t attend, I’ll be washing my hair” invitation refusal. I usually aim to do it at the end of the week (Thurs/Fri night) or the holy grail of pamper nights – Sunday! It all depends on my weekend social schedule, but this year, I’ve been pretty consistent with doing one every Thurs or Fri. After watching Lisa Eldridge’s mask video, I’ve also been trying to get some additional mid-week masks into my routine.

So, as a regular feature on my blog, I’m going to include a monthly pamper night piece, which will detail what I’ve been using for my pamper nights, what I rate, what I hate, etc. This month’s pamper includes 10 products.

Before the pamper can officially begin, I must light a candle. This month, I’m lighting a Pink Molli ‘Lychee Peony’ candle, which I bought from my hairdresser – all the rest of my pamper night will include huge brands and companies, but at least this way I’m supporting a local small business. This scent is a sweet floral, which is right up my alley.

The Sanctuary ‘Hot Sugar Scrub’ – I’ve reviewed this before, so feel free to check out a more detailed review here. This was followed up with a L’Occitane ‘Cherry Blossom Bath & Shower Gel’ which is a nice floral treat. I love all things L’Occitane and all things floral, so this was a no-brainer for me.

Clarisonic Mia II + Philosophy Cleanser – I’ve also reviewed the Clarisonic Mia II here. The Philosophy ‘purity made simple’ cleanser was my choice for a pamper night just because it’s so simple – it’s very much a barely-there product. No foaming, no heavy scent, no film or residue after using – perfect when your skin is to be heavily invaded.

I’m currently using the Herbal Essences Shampoo & Conditioner ‘Colour Me Happy’ combo (this range is for colour-treated hair). I regularly rotate hair care products, and this what I rotated to this week. I love Herbal Essences, I’ve loved it since I was a primary school student, and still love it to this day. I used to think of it as a pretty indulgent hair purchase in my school days, and I wish they still had the old packaging. I just love its scent, which makes it perfect for a pamper night.

Post shower, I moved to my favourite step – the mask. My current mask of the moment is The Sanctuary Time Reversal Mask. It’s essentially a collagen mask, with Vitamins A & B, which is perfect for when my skin is looking a bit tired and dull. It’s very hydrating, and can be left on for an extended period of time as it has no harshness or acidity to it. In fact, according to the packaging, it’s recommended to wear it overnight once a month – very interesting.

My current body moisturiser is the Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion, which is a solid performer in my opinion. It absorbs well, doesn’t leave your hands feeling oily or slimy (Nivea Lotion, anybody?), minimal scent – completely inoffensive.

After the mask, I applied Philosophy’s ‘When Hope is Not Enough’ facial firming serum. Now, I love a good serum, but am pretty inexperienced with them. So for me, the jury is still out on this product. I don’t love the feel of it before it fully sets – it feels quite tacky for a while, and I cannot stand the smell of it, it’s actually revolting. But once it’s set, it feels nice, the scent goes away, and after using it for over 3 months, I haven’t had any negative reactions to it.

Finally, I finish off with an eye cream. I’m currently using a Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Gel. After my disaster with the Burts Bees eye cream, I quickly retreated to this little £1.00 beauty that I’ve kept since my last UK visit. It feels so nice going on, feels so refreshing once it’s dry, and really seems to brighten up my eyes and surrounding skin.

The perfect ending to my Sunday pamper night is painting my nails. Essie’s ‘Master Plan’ has been waiting for me since my recent Priceline haul, so I was glad to finally try out this nude-grey shade.

As always, thanks for reading, and please comment if you have any suggestions or requests – I’m very interested in April’s pamper night already. pamper night

3 thoughts on “Sunday Night Pamper (March)

  1. Love love love pamper nights! I’ve actually got back into my clarisonic after reading your blog and would you believe my skin is better than ever! Third time lucky I guess! Also love the Herbal Essences range. I’ve recently started using La mer’s eye concentrate (I got it as a sample) and I highly recommend it. Definitely get a sample 🙂

    • Ah, a fellow pamper night lover! 😀
      I’m glad you’ve had success returning to your Clarisonic – now it’s money well spent! Are you using it with breaks in between?
      How did you get the Le Mer as a sample? Did you pry it out of the hand of a sales assistant who had fallen unconscious?

  2. I’m actually using it every single night! Can’t get enough of the clean feeling and softness.
    Haha well I got the sample with something I bought online from the site! Would you believe they are very generous with their samples online. I will be doing a post this week on la mer. Wait till you see the packaging it arrived in- to die for!

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