Slap it on… Coconut Oil

Here’s to a new week! My work slows down a bit for the next fortnight, so hopefully I’ll have some time to do some serious testing, reviewing and blogging. I kicked it off yesterday with picking up my first Clarins products. I think I’m one of the last people in my circle of beauty-obsessed friends to use Clarins, but hey, never late than never. If you’re interested in Clarins, stay tuned as I will review what I bought very soon.

Something else that has recently entered my life is Coconut Oil. I bought a jar of this last year, in the hope of using it for cooking, but that never eventuated. I’m far more likely to use something new in beauty than in cooking. Now, there are tonnes of reviews and how-to’s about coconut oil hair masques on the interweb, so I’m not going to pretend that this is something innovative and unique in the beauty blogging world. It’s super simple, and something I’ve wanted to try out for quite a while. The steps are easy and no-fuss – basically scoop out a tablespoon sized blob of coconut oil (for those who don’t know, coconut oil is a solid oil) and rub it in your hands. It immediately melts into an oil, and you can go ahead and slap it straight into your hair. I applied enough that my hair was completely coated, but not dripping. I probably used about 1.5 tablespoons of coconut oil, as my hair is medium-long in length. It was coated enough that I could braid my severely layered hair, and not use any bobby pins to secure the short strands at the front of my head.


Now, I’ve used this in two different time formats – I’ve left it in overnight, and also left it in for about 1-2 hours in the evening. Interestingly, they yielded fairly similar results – in fact, I was a bit more pleased with the 1-2 hour application, than the overnight. I slept with a towel over my pillow, and as a night-time bather, had to allocate morning hair washing time, which goes against what I am trained for – so perhaps I had huge expectations for such a commitment? The 1-2 hour application meant I slapped it on after the gym, sat and watched some TV, then washed it out – basically I swapped the hair washing and TV watching around – no biggie.

Either way, the result was quite luxurious. Soft and shiny hair – what we all want, right? To wash it out, I took the advice of a You-Tube tutorial, and washed it three times to make sure all the oil was out. Three times seems to work a treat, I’ve had no trouble removing all the oil with this formula. I didn’t want to be completely wasteful with my shampoo, so really worked up a lather with a small amount of shampoo each time – it’s really what I should do every time I wash my hair, but clearly I have an inconsistent conscience.

I’ve got colour treated hair with blonde balayage at the ends, which I’ve been religiously applying a leave-in hair oil to since having it first done in May of last year. Coconut oil has reduced the need for this constant application, so I can only guess that the claims that coconut oil is very nourishing, must be true!

I picked up my coconut oil jar for $6.95 at my local Woolworths – it was easy to find in the health food aisle. Do yourself a favour, try it out. There is no residual smell from the oil, it just smells a bit nutty when it’s in your hair, and the mess factor was nil.

And needless to say… I’m typing this post with the oil in my hair.

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