Paint it On: Rimmel Salon Pro Polish

As regular readers know from my Seedless Watermelon post, it takes a lot for me to dedicate a whole blog post to one polish. I truly believe this polish is worthy of such a review though, it was such a pleasant surprise to find and to wear! Nail polish generally does give me quite a lot of joy, but this polish gave me joy that was unexpected.

One of my friends (RB) is a huge advocate of the Rimmel polish and has sent me a number of photos of her growing collection, yet it has taken me a while to give the brand a go. I’ve always been a die-hard OPI gal, but the more I want the perfect shade, the more willing I have to be to try out some different brands.

Fast forward to a fortnight ago, browsing Target’s 30% Rimmel sale, and I spotted the most gorgeous grey-purple shade – Punk Rock. For some reason, I feel I can trust the Salon Pro range more for my first Rimmel polish purchase than I can for the other ranges – the bottles are seriously sized, and the extra dollars tell me it is more special (I’m a marketers dream).



This shade is perfection! The beautiful Chanel polish I was gifted for my birthday was a let-down as it turned out to be a lot darker than the bottle – nail polish trickery at its finest. It’s my biggest pet hate when buying a polish, especially when you’re paying >$20 for a polish! Anyways, Punk Rock turned out exactly how it looked in the bottle, which is obviously gorgeous. I haven’t taken any photos of my own nails for this blog – I’m on a manicure diet to save some $$$, and unfortunately my at-home mani’s aren’t quite the same. I think I should invest some time in a YouTube manicure video?

I did find the brush a bit tricky to use – I don’t have a point of reference, but compared to the brush size, my nail beds are quite narrow. Rimmel devotee, RB, assures me that I’ll get used to it, and even come to love it, so let’s wait and see. The colour is divine, so will get many repeat wears. The real clincher for me though, was the wear time with this $6.20 polish (I got it 30% off the RRP of $8.95). I generally will change my polish mid-week, depending on what my evenings are like, and how busy I am with the business side of my job. Last week, I was knocked down with a cold, a tummy bug and a lot of work, plus the prep work of my SIL’s baby shower, so there was no time for a polish change. Rimmel Salon Pro is the perfect pick for a week like what I had – no time to change a polish, no time to maintain your nails, no time to even think about removing the polish. No chips, just some minor tip wear after 7 days of wear! I’m off to Melbourne in a fortnight and I’ve already planned to wear Punk Rock for that week – I think my travel mates will frown upon my desire to change polishes during a 3-night work trip – but I can’t risk any chips (once my polish chips, it must come off).

Would I buy it again? I would buy a polish from the range again and I would buy this shade again – it is divine.
Who would I recommend this to? Anybody with large nail beds, Rimmel devotees, and time-poor individuals who want to get their whole week out in one polish.
Is it value for money? A polish that wears for a week from an at-home mani for $8.95? Yes.
How can you get it? Any Rimmel display – Target, Big W, Priceline, Coles, etc. This little beauty is easy to find.

2 thoughts on “Paint it On: Rimmel Salon Pro Polish

  1. Certainly good value and it saves your time while looking great, can’t go wrong :p

    Awesome post and thanks for the review, i ended up buying a little bottle while at Priceline last weekend, will give it a go in the next few days and report back 😉

    My friend uses it all the time and told the same “the brush is a bit broad unless you have really wide nails”.

    Also, just a little campaign i thought i’ll flag with you, Priceline is helping women all around Australia and if you are in Melbourne and see a big Pink tram, take a photo and instagram it using this hashtag #PricelineTram

    Its worth it, just as this amazing post 🙂

    • Thanks for reading and commenting! I am not Melbourne-based, but I was there last week – but unfortunately did not spot the pink tram!

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