The US Wishlist: Skincare

My research continues, and some of these things have been on my wish list for the past 12 months. All of these can be bought locally in Aus, but since I knew over 6 months ago that I would be returning to the US, I’ve held off buying any of these.

perricone MD





Perricone MD Blue Plasma


A daily peel that has been raved about on another blog I read, Makeup By Patricia. She swears by it, and has the skin to back up her claims. It’s promoted as a daily peel, that gives all the results of a chemical peel without the redness, irritability or skin damage. Since I love an at-home pamper, this is something I’m really interested in. [$US95.00]

la creme yeux





Chanel Sublimage La Creme Yeux


I got a sample of this last year, and am still squeezing out the end of the tiny tube. I love this eye cream. It really brightens the skin around my eyes, and feels so gentle when applied (unlike my Burts Bees eye cream experience). I really need to investigate the different size options (maybe I’ll just get more samples??), as its listed as $US225, which makes me scream.






Glam Glow Mud Mask


This is an extremely raved about product on a lot of YouTube vlogs, and as you all know, I love a good mask. I considered buying it from Mecca Maxima on a recent Treat Yoself day, but figured I could wait 2 months to visit the US. It’s a Sephora stocked product, so I’m keen to sample all 3 different types (hydrating, exfoliating and clearing), to work out which one is worth my cash [$US69.00].

bite lip mask






Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask


The idea of a lip mask makes me a bit giddy – another part of my face that can have a mask?! Again, rave reviews from US YouTube vloggers, so definitely need to look into this product [$US28.00]. My go-to scrub is the Victoria’s Secret Lip Scrub, so will restock that for exfoliating purposes.

Of course, I’m keen to sample and try a whole range of things while I’m away, but these are the main researched products that are on my wish list. Any recommendations, please comment below!

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