The US Wishlist: The Stores

Now that I’ve got my Visa Waiver organised for my trip, I think I can safely picture myself entering some of my favourite US stores. It’s a random post, but as you can probably tell, I’m getting pretty excited.

Image Sephora

I’m keen to try out some new products, sample the hell out of the place, and love me some Beauty Points. I’m thinking I might redeem a make-over voucher that I got last year, as I’m told this is a great way to see a new range of products.

Image Victoria’s Secret

Now I never understood the VS hype. Even when I first arrived in the US last year, I was much less interested than my travel partner was in VS. I decided to give some of their underwear a trial run, just to see what the hype was about.
OMG. I get it now. They really are amazing. Great quality, extremely comfortable, and darn good value. The No. 1 selling bra in Aus, the Berlei T-Shirt Bra, will set you back an easy $AUD50 – so it’s not like we’re used to bargain basement prices for underwear. VS is highly competitive in their pricing, and their quality is so amazing that I think they are worth their Australian shipping costs. Their VS Pro makeup is pretty decent as well, so I think I’ll check it out (if this line remains), and see if there’s anything worth picking up.

Image Forever 21

Now, I don’t want to slam my American counterparts too hard, but I will say that the clothing side of shopping was pretty disappointing in the US. I took quite an empty suitcase, and was distressed to discover that there wasn’t much catching my eye. For this reason, Forever 21 was more up my alley – really cheap, and perfect for travel pieces – things that you will wear for a couple of weeks, and don’t care if you keep them or lose them.

Image Anthropologie

Actually, I take back my earlier statement. Some of the US clothing stores are to die for – and this is one of them. Their homewares are adorable, their styling is tempting, and the clothes are gorgeous. It’s probably equivalent to Australia’s Country Road in terms of pricing, but paying $100 for a top in the US is crazy. As an Australian, and a Country Road lover, I can deal with their prices.

Image Duane Reade

My final, but not by any means, any lesser love, is American pharmacies. Duane Reade is my pick of the lot, but this may be because I spent most of my time pharmacy shopping on the East Coast last year. I have been sparingly using my Duane Reade branded nail polish remover, and now know that I should stock up on that while I’m there – it’s amazing. I plan to spend a lot of time poring over the drug store brands, and lamenting the prices we pay in Aus. I’ve tentatively planned a $20 makeup challenge for myself while I’m away.


Anyways, that’s it from me, excuse me while I go plan more of my wish list…

5 thoughts on “The US Wishlist: The Stores

  1. I approve of all those stores! I would also like to visit them repeatedly in different cities, even though they will probably all see the same stuff. But you never know…

  2. Bath & body works mini hand sanitizers (pocket bacs) are always on my list! Odd, but they’re so fabulous 🙂

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