The US Wishlist: Treats!

Anybody who knows me, knows I love a good treat. I don’t need much convincing on a regular day, but when I’m away from home, I need no justification! The US is known for it’s wicked food opportunities, so here’s a little taste test of what I’m looking forward to…

Image M&M’s Salty & Sweet Snack Mix

I picked up a bag of this randomly last year, and brought it home… who knew that the Mars company could make such delicious mini choc-chip cookies, and tiny pretzels? Obviously they have the M&M’s thing down pat, but their ability to add in a savoury snack was quite amazing – these were delicious! Well worth adding to the treat collection!

Image M&M’s Raspberry

Ok, this is a total Cherry Ripe rip-off – and I love me some Cherry Ripe. These have since come to Australia and I haven’t actually bothered buying them – treats like these need to stay in the US. These are a delicious M&M version of a Cherry Ripe – so stay away if you hate coconut, but if you love Cherry Ripe, I trust you’ll enjoy their little take on it.

Image Magic Mix Trail Mix

A humble trail mix, you say? Ah… but this is American trail mix. Which means they have added delicious chocolate to it! This is my “healthy” snack of choice, and it was quite shocking to discover that this even exists! I tried to copy it once I returned home, but mine just never turned out right – I do think Americans have a great handle on the concept of trail mix, so just adding chocolate bits to a nut mix wasn’t enough at home.

Image  Ben & Jerry’s Ice-cream

OK, this is obviously available in Australia, and in fact, is really easy to find. However, the US, particularly the East Coast, has flavours we can only dream of Down Under. Again, my disclaimer is that I love ice-cream, and it is my #1 treat of choice, so it only makes sense that I should attempt to try all B&J flavours ever.

Image The humble bagel

As I wrote this crazy blog post, and thought about all the food I would consume while away, I realised I had almost forgotten my favourite one…. the bagel. West Coast, East Coast, bakery, small convenience store, hotel, off the street… it doesn’t matter where you buy your bagel, if it’s on American soil, it will be delicious. Do not come near me English muffins, don’t even think about it crumpets, and bread… you are dead to me. ‘Nuff said.

And of course, who goes to the US and doesn’t find the latest in Oreo technology? I’ll update you all once I see what’s the latest there…

3 thoughts on “The US Wishlist: Treats!

    • The sweet and salty were hard to find, but I managed! Raspberry are stocked widely here in Aus – seen any signs of any of these in the UK?

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