Where did all my money go? (US Loves)

It went to the Kate Spade store, that’s where. Now, this isn’t a beauty post, but I really wanted to do a ‘US Loves’ post, and this brand takes the crown. I got some things on my last US trip, but this time, I’ve been completely shameless about it.


If I had endless cash to spend, I would buy some of her clothing, a pair of shoes, some jewellery and essentially all the bags in the store – large and small. Her designs are so spot on – there are more that I want than I don’t, which is tough on my bank balance.

The colours, the quality, and the designs are just divine. The ultimate combination for a Kate Spade and makeup lover like myself was splurging on a makeup bag!

(Excuse my photo quality – not the best since I’m on the road)

I’ve packed all my travel makeup into this new bag, bar all the larger spoils of my Sephora hauls – palettes, bottles etc.

If you’re not familiar with the brand, have a look at the Kate Spade website , I assure you that you will fall in love.

Until next time…



US Beauty Burn: Sephora Formula X

Hello USA!!! I’ve been in the US for the past 4 days, with my best friend, MO. We started our trip in San Francisco, which I knew was going to involve lots of hills of walking, but they really do redefine my understanding of hills in that city. My legs and butt feel very toned after 4 days of walking. It didn’t help that our hotel was at the top of a huge hill, so even a simple day of shopping involved a huge gradient.

Anyways, great city, and although the shopping didn’t excite me as much as I had anticipated, it was still great, and many $$$ were spent. One of the first Sephora items I picked up was the Formula X nail polish. I picked up shade ‘Enigma’, which is a nice turquoise blue shade. I’m really feeling blue shades on this trip so far, hence why I was drawn to this shade. MO picked up a gorgeous pink shade ‘Eureka’, and we were excited to paint our nails after a long day of sight seeing.

What a huge disappointment! The packaging is so cute, and I am a lover of their former ‘by OPI’ range, so had reasonable expectations. The brush is useless, and the formula is a bit too thick for my liking. It made for a really horrible painting session, and although the finished look was alright, it was really disappointing for a polish that retails at $USD10.50. My tip for this product is to save your pennies and buy up an Essie Polish instead. The wear has been pretty good, two days later, I only have one tiny chip on the tip of one nail, but it’s not enough of a feature to seal the sale for me in the future.

Stay tuned for more US burns and loves…

US Beauty Burn: Bath & Body Works

Ok, so this is more of a brand burn, rather than a beauty burn. This store is mentioned by pretty much every American You-Tuber I’ve seen, and I couldn’t recall seeing it on my last trip to the US. I was keen to make sure I found one this time, and was even thinking I would stupidly buy some small size candles! I love candles, and was under the impression that these candles are to-die-for.

I was thrilled to find a Bath & Body Works in the Westfield San Francisco Centre, which is a pretty fancy shopping mall in SF. It had huge sale signs on the outside, and baskets of goodies when I entered… Or so I thought.

HOW IS THIS STORE SO POPULAR??? For the Aussie readers, the comparison point I have for the products in this store is like, the Target and Kmart scented body products that we can find in Aus. Heavily perfumed, cheap formula, and tacky packaging. Imagine a WHOLE STORE with this type of product! Gross! The candles had the potential to smell OK, if they had about 50% less fragrance in the wax.

It’s not like I am obsessed with spending $40 on a candle, but I do prefer the result in my home of one $40 candle, than of twenty $2 candles. People were going nuts in the store, which was inexplicable to me. I can’t stand those heavily perfumed body lotions available in discount stores in Aus, so there’s no way you can tempt me in America.

Needless to say, I didn’t buy anything. I checked out the majority of the store,d my eyes grew wider as I spent more time in it. My travel friend, MO, had to leave, as her tolerance for cheap goods is much lower than mine.

So… for all the Aussies, in future, take the Bath & Body Works YouTube reviews with a pinch of salt… And for the Americans… Please explain?

Until next time…