The Office Face

Cheers to the week before a long weekend! Hello everyone, how nice of you to pop by – or should I say, how nice of me to blog for a change! I won’t go into apologies because I respect you more than that – just keep reading, please! A warning that I’ve included some selfies – a pre-work selfie when makeup is decent is not a crime.

I’ve been inspired by a friend who has recently informed me that she’s moving onto bigger and better things and going into the world of The Office Face. That essentially means she’s going to be working in an office, doing her neat little 9-5 gig, giving her plenty of time to put her slap on in the morning, as well as a calm, regulated environment in which makeup is most appropriate. For the record, she worked in a cafe before, but I can see why you thought she may have worked in the mines. I’ve been doing the office thing for years, so hopefully can shed some light on my regime and beliefs on The Office Face.

I’m constantly trying to become a morning person and constantly failing – but I love to dream. I do however aim to get up roughly around the same time everyday, with Sunday as the exception. I rarely wear makeup on a Sunday but will wear a full-face Mon-Sat. Now, any self-respecting beauty lover will not let weekdays stop her from playing around with colours and ideas. For someone like myself, 71% of my week is spent at work – I cannot justify my makeup addiction if I don’t wear makeup to work, or even worse – wear the exact same makeup to work everyday. So, here are my top tips for The Office Face…

Find your colours
Mine are purples, greys and browns. Anytime I try a blue or green, I stuff it up and hate my final look and am kinda shocked when I see myself in the mirror throughout the day – if I’m thinking “what were you thinking?” what would my colleagues be thinking? There is no time to correct errors on my mornings so I either play on the mornings when I have a tonne of time, or play with these safe shades.



Perfect your base
I know it sounds insane, but I mix around 2-3 shades for my base for work. People think this sounds so over the top, but the key is mixing, and using the right amount – I’m not putting on two individual layers of two different colours! So it’s a tiny pump of one, a tiny pump of another – very manageable.

I wash my brushes on average of about once a week, and really avoid getting too much crap on my hands in the morning – nobody got time for that! If I’ve overslept and am really rushing, I’ll even squirt the different colours of foundation directly onto the brush and mix it directly onto my face. I have no time or tolerance for washing my hands multiple times in the morning just because I’ve got makeup all over it!

Plan your balance
If you’re doing a noticeable eye look, you need to tone it down with the lips. This is a workplace, there needs to be some difference on the weekend. I know this is a golden rule anyway for makeup application but I think the rules are a bit tighter for The Office Face – as soon as you have some noticeable colour or pop to your eyes, you need to play down the lip.


You are going into an air-conditioned environment – you need to keep that skin hydrated. I don’t know who you are if you aren’t wearing moisturiser all the time, but you are crazy to not wear it in the office.

Lip choices
Choose something you can maintain within the workplace. Me? I will rarely (by that, I really mean never) touch up my makeup at work – so I have to be careful about what I realistically will maintain on my lips. If you are able to maintain your red lip, go for it – but if you aren’t sure about your mirror access or even your motivation, try to keep it to something fairly neutral. Your colleagues do not need to see cracked and feathered red lip liner.

So those are my Office Face tips – don’t let anyone mock you if you love workday makeup – you go there more than The Ivy, so it’s worth the investment.

And as always, if irritation occurs, discontinue use…