Sigma Love

Hello all! As always, I apologise for my looooooooong delay in blogging. I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired, and didn’t have much time to take snaps of products, so blogging fell to the side. I am still committed to this blog however, so to my tens of readers: never fear!

This past weekend I popped into Parramatta Westfield. I really rate this as a shopping centre, it has a tonne of shops and they generally have a good variety of stock. I went to another centre recently and although they had a lot of my favourite stores, it felt like they had a grand total stocktake of about 5 products. Boo.

Anyways, imagine my surprise when I spotted a Sigma Brushes Pop Up Store! A friend had told me about this, but I wasn’t really interested enough to go just to check out these brushes. I’ve looked at them online quite a bit given their popularity and reasonable prices, but like most of my online purchases, I’ve never progressed past the “Add to Cart” stage. So a Pop Up Store was perfect – I could touch and feel them, and see if they really were worth the gamble.

Now, at the time I thought it was actually Sigma who had organised the Pop Up, because there was literally no other branding or signs to be seen. I discovered upon purchase that it was actually run by Redefining Beauty, an online reseller of Sigma Brushes. Adore Beauty has also started stocking Sigma.

I ended up buying 3 brushes – the P86, the 3DHD Kabuki Brush and the E25 – for a total of $81. Considering my last brush purchased was the M.A.C. 187 Duo Fibre Face Brush for exactly $81, three brushes seem like a good deal! These brushes were so good that they warranted this blog post, in fact. I really wanted to post about them before the Pop Up Store closes (it’s open until this Saturday). So… my verdict.

The E25 Blending Brush ($20)

I’ll start with the most underwhelming of the brushes – I’m a realist, I’m not going to lie and say they were all amazing to feel better about the $81 I spent. The E25 is essentially a slightly smaller competitor to the M.A.C. 217 blending brush. At $20 it’s cheaper than the $37 M.A.C. version, but is it the same? Not at all. Spend the extra $17 for the 217! Of course, you might be like me and just want every brush under the sun – in which case, if you want an extra blender, go for this. It’s pretty nice, but it’s just not the same.

The P86 Precision Tapered ($27)

This was pretty bloody exciting to use and I don’t think the photo does it justice. This little beauty is like a sophisticated under-eye concealer brush – rather than just being flat and even-length hairs, it has a range of lengths to create angles – perfect to get close to the eye! I love using the Beauty Blender sponge for my under-eyes but this brush is like a combo of fingers and a sponge – dream!

Sigma 3D Kabuki Brush
3DHD Kabuki Brush ($34)

Ugh, how is this only on Page 3 of the Redefining Beauty website when brushes are sorted by popularity?! This is such a unique brush and good value for $34. It’s like… a sophisticated version of the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. Don’t you love that when a brush has uneven hairs, I consider it sophisticated?  But seriously, this brush is great fun. I don’t think it will completely replace my obsessive use of the RT Buffing Brush, but it has decreased my distrust of Kabuki brushes.

So, if you’re in the market for some brushes and don’t want to pay crazy M.A.C. prices, check these out. As always, if irritation occurs, discontinue use…