Podcast Picks

Are podcasts having a moment? Are they the modern day radio? Are people switching off the radio completely? Does anyone else think about being on a podcast? Starting their own podcast?

Think whatever you want about podcasts – but they are definitely a thing. According to the Annual Podcast Survey in 2017, released by the ABC, 89% of Australians claim to be aware of podcasts and more than half of adult Australians have tried a podcast. Those who commit to a subscription or regular listening are highly engaged – on average, regular listeners will listen to 6 episodes per week. They are either ad-free or very few ads, and you will likely find something that is up your alley – true crime, comedy, interviews, business news, travel talk, book clubs; whatever suits you. I’ll admit there is a high percentage of true crime podcasting, but clearly it’s because people can’t get enough.

Here are my top 5 podcast picks – current as of September 2018! A new podcast can be released and totally shift up what’s popular, so I am always checking out the top podcast charts on iTunes to see if there is something else to check out. I use the Apple Podcast app – I’ve tried a few others, but have never officially made the switch. acast and Castbox are two others apps that get mentioned a lot for podcasting, so check those out if you are looking for a podcasting app.


ABC Conversations

What a bloody great podcast. I love the Australian relevance of this podcast – so many great Aussies are interviewed, and just generally really interesting and well-known people (not always Australians). This is the podcast version of the daily 12pm interviews on ABC 702 – sounds weird that I am into ABC 702, but I used to love listening to this program while I would drive around on home visits – mobile therapy life can be a lonely one. There are daily interviews, so I recommend looking through the list and finding one that stands out for you. An excellent one to start on is Saroo Brierley, author of the story, A Long Way Home, which was made into the movie Lion.


Mamamia Out Loud

I am the first to admit that I am not the world’s biggest Mia Freedman fan, but I recommend you look past that, and give this podcast a chance. This podcast is released twice a week, and is essentially a conversation of all things current – and it is not just Mia talking. Her co-hosts, Holly Wainwright and Jessie Stephens, along with Rachel Corbett, are excellent, and they really know how to make a podcast. I do warn you though, you may come to like Mia Freedman a bit more once you start listening.


Teacher's Pet

If you haven’t heard this, and are living in 2018 – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? This is definitely the Australian podcast of the year, with over a million downloads. This podcast outlines the true story of a Mum on the Northern Beaches who went missing in the 80’s. Her body was never found, and her ex-footballer husband moved his teenage girlfriend into the family home days after she went missing – it’s very suss. Don’t hesitate and just start listening – then come join us around the water cooler to discuss it.


At Home With

Ah, these two bloggers have made the most fabulous podcast. Hosted by Anna Newton and Lily Pebbles, this podcast enters the home of well-known Brits, and takes us on a tour of their lives and their living spaces. It has photo content paired with the podcast, which can be viewed on acast, but it won’t be lost on you if you just listen to the audio content. They interview some great people, including Lisa Eldridge and Lucy Williams, and they are incredibly engaging. You will love this even more if you love all things British, like I do. I also recommend this if you want some home decor and lifestyle inspiration.



This is the only business-related one that makes my current list. This podcast releases a few times during the week, and is focused on small snippets of marketing advice. For someone like myself, who is running a business with a $0 budget available for marketing advice, this has been a great find. The host, Steph Taylor, is easy to listen to and has kept each episode short and sweet. The advice is helpful for those trying to get their head around different social media platforms, and wanting to understand where they should focus their efforts – perfect for those with a side hustle.

So those are my current picks and recommendations! If you love podcasts, I would love to hear which ones you are listening to – I am always keen to discover a new one – so please comment below. I am not a huge TV viewer, so being able to listen to a podcast in the morning as I get ready for work, or when I’m alone in the office, has been a great discovery.

As always, thanks for reading and for supporting the change in direction of my blog. Wishing you a great fortnight ahead. 


2 thoughts on “Podcast Picks

  1. This American Life
    Serial – true crime
    S Town – crime/autobiography
    That Classical Podcast – UK one, the hosts explain classical music, I love it because it tells you about music you know but don’t know what it is!
    The Guilty Feminist- UK one, it’s funny but talks about important stuff.
    My Dad Wrote a Porno – is hilarious, also from the UK, it’s three people laughing through the truely terrible piece of erotic literature one of thema Dad wrote, it’s funny because he writes so terribly.

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