• Living in Sydney, Australia.
  • Day job includes playing with Play-Doh, Mr. Potato Head, and Spot the Dog.
  • Dream job would include testing toys at Fisher Price, but wouldn’t be limited to just testing.
  • Hobbies: Don’t you know I hate that question?
  • Favourite fashion stores: Country Road, Cue & Anthropologie (mostly browsing Anthro though)
  • Favourite beauty and skincare brands: Urban Decay, Rimmel, ASAP Skincare and Clarins.
  • Makeup and beauty inspirations: Lisa Eldridge – if you’ve never seen her YouTube channel – go to it now. I had a few Youtube vloggers I was loving once upon a time but now I’m convinced a vast majority of them are sell-outs – so I only really watch Lisa Eldridge on YouTube nowadays (oh and Jimmy Fallon – but he’s hardly a beauty inspiration).



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